Let's Go!

daymprove is free.

The compass pointing to your direction

Define and realize your targets and goals.
Using daymprove you've got all your stuff together and never lose track.
There's a tree growing on the screen with you. Plant it in your favourite place and keep it healthy.

Forget forgetting

Getting good ideas at inconvenient moments?
Throw your thoughts into the Blitzmerker to keep your head free for the present.
Make them ToDos later, link them to plans or transform them into multimedia pinboards. Everything can become everything.

Diary 2.0

Intuitively retain what you did or wanna do.
Use Geo-Fences to measure how much time you stay at places or to get reminders there.
I can estimate future times and predict events. And of course the hourly weather.
Wanna keep numbers? I'm painting nice graphs.


  • Reminders on places (Geo-Fencing)
  • Reminders by app, email or calls
  • Google Calendar synchronization
  • Paranoid document encryption
  • Remote control by email
  • Lots of colors, stats, scores, widgets, ...
daymprove is born and running in Berlin, protected by German privacy law.

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